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The JSON Class Generator generates Objective-C source code from the classes and enums that you define in this editor, that allows you to transform your models to/from JSON. It will save you hours of work, that you would otherwise spend for manually updating your code and searching for bugs (either in your code or the backend's response).

The following methods are generated for a sample class Person with properties name and age:

// initializing with JSON dictionary
+ (instancetype)personWithDict:(NSDictionary *)jsonDictionary;
- (instancetype)initWithDict:(NSDictionary *)jsonDictionary;
- (NSDictionary *)toDict; // JSON representation

Also you will find the following methods implemented:

- personWithName:age:
- copy (NSCopying)
- isEqual
- description
- encodeWithCoder: - initWithCoder: (NSCoding and NSSecureCoding)
- more: see details below

The generated code - is type safe (you always get instances of the types that you defined) - is fault tolerant (deals with all errors that can possibly happen during parsing invalid JSON structures) - reports all errors (so that you can directly send the error report to your backend developer for fixing) - is fast (no use of introspection for type checking, no runtime tricks) - is easy to modify (just edit your type in the editor and press Export again) - is secure to modify (the generator never forgets to change that single line of code that would have caused a bug) - complies to the protocols: NSCoding, NSSecureCoding NSCopying - runs on iOS and macOS - converts to JSON (some other tools only can only do from JSON)

What makes this product different from others? - the simplicity and ease of use for updating your models (try it for yourself!) - the completeness of the generated code (saves you time: comes with all helper methods and glue code like - isEqual: etc.) - the robustness of the generated code (saves you more time: no debugging your code or the backend) - arbitrary nested types (most Objective-C generators quit when trying to model Array of Array of String, this one doesn't) - tested in practice in commercial applications since 2014 (including one of Europe's fastest growing ventures) - no extra libraries to install, no setup required (just export the generated source files to your project)

Please stop writing any glue code! Describing classes is always easier than implementing them, especially if you later want to do modifications. Stop being a coding monkey - be the architect! You deserve it!

Think of it this way: You are the boss. You are hiring a group of awesome coders to implement all your model files based on your specification for you. They do it in less than a second and the code is working great and completely error free! You can use their outstanding service at no charge for a 7 day trial period, in which you can make any adjustments to your specification and they will be happy to implement them, reducing your costs and freeing up your valuable time. After that you can buy their lifelong services for the low fee of $66, so that you can continue enjoying all the benefits.

Try out the JSON Class Generator for free! What will you loose? Nothing! The only way to loose is: not to try!

To your success,

Nikolas Mayr

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